GwenX Crossbody - Silver / Black Leather

GwenX Crossbody - Silver / Black Leather

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Designed and created by the uber talented Filipino fashion accessories designer Maco Custodio, the GwenX is made from upcycled, pre-consumer drink packs.  Made of aluminum foil juice drink packaging, they are cut into strips and meticulously handwoven.  Accented with vegetable dyed leather handles and straps.  The result is beautifully crafted, durable, unique and sustainable bag!  What’s not to love?

Look closely, you will see slight markings on the foil from the manufacturer, which makes each bag truly unique!


8" wide x 8" high x 2" deep;  Adjustable Straps


This GKonomics product was handcrafted by the residents of various Gawad Kalinga Communities (Philippines).  The sole purpose is to provide a sustainable livelihood and empower the residents to aspire for a better future for themselves.


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