Cecilia Bamboo Handbag

Cecilia Bamboo Handbag


Bold statement.  This traditionally handwoven bag is made from bamboo strips.  Roomy enough for daily essentials and sturdy enough to hold its shape.  Minimal, symmetrical pattern in naturally dyed bamboo strips in red, accented with naturally dried bamboo strips.   Bamboo wrapped handle that continues through the top and bottom edges and latch.  Rectangular shape base.  Beautifully constructed bag that reinvents the rural craft traditions of the Philippines.    

Dimensions:  10" Wide x 10" High (with handle 18") x 6" Deep

Process:  Sustainable bamboo tress are used and by splitting each stalk of bamboo into quarters and then shaving them into strips. These strips are then knit together in a pattern that gives the baskets a weightless strength. Today, weaving tradition is upheld by specialist weavers, whose disciplined artistry keeps the craft alive and growing

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